Skandagiri – The night trek

The 5th Of September, 2008 will be forever etched in my memory. And it has nothing to do with Teachers. This was the day when a gang of 19 youngsters decided for a night-trek to scale Skandagiri. But little had they realized that it would be one of the toughest moments of their lives. From rain to slippery paths to darkness. But as we say, difficulties lead to memorable moments. And below is a small attempt to capture the moments in words.

Night has fallen, where have all gone
I have been waiting, my packing is done
Came from the office as early as seven
Planning to visit Skandagiri – the so called heaven

Its 11:30, already 1 hr late
Shall I call it destined by fate
Finally the bus came rolling along
Just like in solitude, a sweet song

The wood has been kept, the head count done
It’s time for a photo session
A hip-hip hurray to mark the start
And mimicry and teasers and songs apart

Mid of the night, and we are lost
What shall we do, wait for a ghost ?
We move along to find a way
As songs keep making us gay

It starts raining, the matter’s worse
But we keep moving on full force
Finally we find an auto-rickshaw guy
Who guides us on the proper way

The site is reached, all spirits high
Little did we know what lay our way
Carrying the sticks, the march began
To explore on earth, the so called heaven

Torch-lights flashing, the guide leading
Oh clouds, Please stop raining..
Crossing the barriers one by one
It felt like real fun

Then as the time passed by
And we climbed high and high
The path became difficult to trek
Sometimes felt like, Lets go back

But we moved, Hand in hand
Each one supporting another friend
Come what may we shall move
Be it terrain, be it groove

When one slipped, he was held
When one was tired, everyone sat
When one lost way, all moved back
19 people in one pack

We reached the top, its dark still
Trekking across the perilous hill
Lit a bonfire, had some dance
Everyone seemed to be in a trance

Then came light, and vanished the dark
Representing our heavenly lark
Standing among the clouds, I knew for sure
I had never felt this way before

A feeling, so intense, the sight, so zing
I felt like a worldly king
Spreading my arms, I felt sly
Oh God. I wanted to fly.

Securing the memory for a lifetime
The return journey began
True to the word,
Its real heaven.

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