A passing thought..

A passing thought when you are not very passionate about the work you do..

I used to love coding. You could see a smile on my face when my code worked. Visually reflected on JSPs. Did I have the same love earlier? I reflect back. I loved coding when I was in school. Hated coding in college. And now again. After training and during the first project, it happened again. Got back my lost love. I loved it so much that I used to leave office by 9. Weekends. Holidays. I didn’t mind. Do you ever mind being with the one you love. I never liked sitting and reading new technologies or attend trainings. If I had to learn anything, I could learn it only through coding. I used to love coding.

Then one day my project got over and I had to leave office early. So early that I could see the sun set. And there was a big smile on my face. A big satisfaction that I could feel. I returned back the same time the next day and on and on. And the happiness that I felt on seeing the setting sun was much more that coding. Had I changed? Or had I again come to the phase where I didn’t like coding anymore? Had I liked the setting sun earlier? I look back again. Yes. I had always liked the setting sun. It was not like a phase as coding. But something that was inherent in me. From eternity.

Then one day I decided to venture out and see what those people do who don’t like seeing the setting sun but still leave early. And it was interesting. Some involved in physical activities. Gymming, Aerobics, Volley, Basketball, Tennis, Badminton, Yoga. But this was in office. What about outside it? I ventured out a little further. And it was even more interesting. Like the setting sun. Or even more. I don’t know yet.
Some zooming on their bikes, enjoying the breeze accompanying the setting sun. Some dancing. Some playing instruments. Some singing. Some acting. Some jogging in the midst of nature. Some chatting with friends over a coffee joint. Some reading. Some cooking. Some networking on the net. Some photographing. And yes the setting sun casts a glow that is very photogenic.
What each one was doing was his/her passion. Something that keeps the person going.
And what was I doing and am still doing? Coding? Not really. What if I can’t see the setting sun. I am writing a blog. Giving a vent to my thoughts. Something that is satisfying. Like the setting sun.

– Source: An IT Engineer who thought he loved coding until he saw the outer world.
– Note: Not intended to hurt the sentiments of code lovers or others who work late to meet their commitments or otherwise.

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