An unplanned trip..

With my Theater classes shifted to Sundays, my weekends are comparatively more organized now. Sunday, full day devoted to Theater. Which leaves me the complete Saturday for other things, of course if I don’t get panic calls from my office. Last Saturday was one such day and I got ample time to rest. Had a nice nap after lunch, woke up at 5:45, went up to the terrace to collect the clothes that I had left for drying. And I was dumbstruck.
The weather that day was simply magical. Light rays of the sun. Cool breeze, not chilling though. It was just the weather when you would want to be away from the city, far from traffic, somewhere in the midst of nature and enjoy this bliss. An instant decision, no one to give me company, still I started. Zoomed on my bike. Towards Lalbagh.
What better place could you find to enjoy such a nice weather. And in such a short time, considering the fact that it was nearing sunset. The traffic was a spoiler. And it took me almost 20 mins. which would have taken less than 10 mins. without traffic. I reached there at around 6:20. And to my utter disappointment, the gates had already been closed. In the sudden urge to enjoy the magical weather, I had forgotten that there is a closing time as well. It was really annoying. Such a nice weather, driving through traffic only to realize that you would have to return back. Sad. There were some 40 schoolkids waiting to get in. They had some permissions I guess. I wondered if I could become a kid for a minute and join the group to gain an entry. If it was not for the strict-looking school teacher with the group, I would have definitely risked an attempt. And just when I was about to return back, I saw this aged security guard. Old, yet full of energy. And somehow I felt that maybe he could help me. I turned the bike towards him and asked :”Entry Closed.” He looked at me, looked around and said:”Twenty rupees”. And that’s it.
I knew I was promoting corruption but at that moment getting into Lalbagh meant more to me than anything else. I took out a twenty rupees note and moved my hand towards him. But suddenly I realized that the guard had started acting strange. He looked into some other direction, completely ignoring me. I was surprised. This man who had asked me money a couple of seconds ago was refusing to identify me. Then I looked towards my left and saw this traffic policeman observing us. And I understood. I withdrew my hand. And stayed calm for 10 secs. The policeman walked away. I gave the money. And got in through the exit gates. Parked my bike. And rushed to the top of the Peninsular Gneiss hillock inside Lalbagh. And I felt time stand still.
It was simply awesome. Visibility reducing every second, a cool breeze and a lesser crowd. The only disturbing elements were the innumerable crows inside the garden. But anyways, they were far away to create any appreciable impact with their noises and I enjoyed my solitude. Looking at the gates, the terrific traffic ahead it and I didn’t getting disturbed because I couldn’t hear the traffic. I was too far from the killer noise.
I waited patiently for the lights at UBCity come up one by one. The majestic towers looked magnificent from the hillock. The ambiance was just perfect for some contemplation. Things to ponder about. And I got lost in my thoughts. Preparing myself for the sad story class I had the next day. I stayed there for almost 40 mins. Then decided it was time to return back. Some unplanned trips remains so very special.

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